Thanks for joining me!

The purpose of this blog is to give context to the Continuing Anglican situation in the 21st century United States, and to argue that Anglicanism is the only religious tradition equipped to bring about an orthodox, American religious revival.

Traditional Anglicanism in this country is small and aging. If we don’t drastically rethink our ministry now, we will die out. Tellingly, even those clergy who want to reach out to people, especially the young, don’t have any young people to consult! They also tend not to consider how secular problems, like gentrification, kill small churches like ours before they even have a chance. I’ve received a nihil obstat from a few clergy, including my own, and founded this blog to argue for a Benedict Option from the perspective of an Anglican Millennial.

This project exists because I don’t want my religious tradition to abandon me by dying of old age. I’m willing to retract anything I say if the Church wishes it. I’m lay. I speak for no jurisdiction, to all jurisdictions. Anglo-Catholics will tend to find this blog more agreeable than others. Old-fashioned Classical Anglicans are always welcome. If readers find this work useful, I respectfully ask that they invite their clergy, and especially their ordinaries, to read this website. I further ask that readers pray for the unity and renewal of the church.

We do this now or never.


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