This series articulates a conservative Anglo-Catholic response to the secularization of the United States. It argues that mass culture has afflicted Western society with “anomie,” or the lack of social norms; that bizarre behavior in both new and old religious groups is a reaction against anomie; and that the survival of Anglicanism depends on the reconstruction of the Christian meta-narrative, the story we tell ourselves about our place in the world. It further argues that Anglicanism, as the native Christian tradition of the English-speaking world, is the only tradition competent to bring about an orthodox, American religious revival. The Second Catholic Revival demands a return to above-replacement fertility, missionary work, and radical dedication to founding and funding alternative institutions in accordance with the English School of Catholic spirituality. This blog is intended to be the first example of Alternative Christian Media that can help to bring about such a Revival.

Please share this blog with other traditional Anglicans, especially clergy. New installments will be posted every Saturday at noon EST. Stay tuned!


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