Men and women

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“If a generation does not pass down the living tradition to its progeny, they become grounded in the self alone and the meta-narrative dies, introducing anomie, or a lack of norms, into society. The state of anomie is the loss of the only shared language that can exist…”

In reconstructing the customs necessary to complete our meta-narrative, I will begin with the most fundamental distinction between individuals, which is sex. There has always been at least one man and one woman who had to put up with one another.  There have not always been distinctions of race, tribe or party. One of the secular dialects of the Christian language that we must resurrect is the customs that relate to relations between the sexes.

The confusion of tongues

I once asked a practicing Roman out on a date. I’m grateful that she accepted. When I went to pay for her coffee, she refused to let me. In fact, she lectured me about how she had a brain, was going somewhere in life and had made her own money. She had the right, of course, to decline. But she did so – a graduate of a Catholic school! – in accordance with the most secular possible assumptions about human autonomy. Worse, when I didn’t ask her out again (my own loss) she was genuinely confused!

Now, I understand some of the ways we failed to communicate, and it goes deeper than practicing Christians who learn more from mass culture than church. She was reassuring herself that she wasn’t dependent because women nowadays have to be ambitious but not abrasive, and have a social life while keeping up their grades, and have a perfect boyfriend, who’s like, super nice, but not like, you know, a nice guy. If they don’t, other women gossip about how they just want to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Women are vicious to each other! I know the script because women I know have told me how badly it makes them feel. They have to be perfect at everything all the time!

Watch any sitcom: Women do it all, and they do it in high heels. Men are dead weight at best. As a matter of fact, it’s men I will turn my attention to. I’ve had bad experiences with man-hating feminists and confused nice girls, but as a man, it isn’t my place to correct them. After all, those media reflect reality. Millennial women are on track for competitive jobs and successful lives. Millennial men may largely be out earned by our own wives. Assuming we marry, (it’s a stretch) our wives’ jobs will be so demanding that the fertility crisis will get dramatically worse. It won’t be politically correct to talk about until there are 100 dying people to every nurse. Most of whom are female.

The subject deserves its own article.


As I said, CO is not the only TRM with an AL. Sick blogs like Return of Kings also advocate a return to traditions they don’t understand. Some of their content is merely honest about politically-incorrect truths about our culture. But their response to those problems is disgusting. If I ever have a daughter, men like this aren’t even allowed to look at her. Worse, I’m the market for this stuff! I’m an angry young man. Gentrification stole my housing and my job. I shouldn’t just be a crazy convert. I should be a woman-hating, Alt Right internet troll.[1]

If these small, mean men are the only “traditionalists” left, we’re doomed and we deserve it. Consider the The Art of Manliness as the serious alternative. It has tips about changing tires, dressing for success, and all the things that most young men are either never taught, or can no longer remember. It’s a good example of the media we must produce and consume in order to survive.

Going forward

Nice guys may finish last, but today’s young men aren’t shrinking violets. It’s just that we don’t matter, and we know it. We can be publicly savaged with no consequences, and often are. When I was an Education major, my professors were grateful that a young man had an interest in teaching. I was also a second class citizen in a workplace constructed around female assumptions about everything from lesson planning to discipline (for which female teachers tend to use their male counterparts).

When I didn’t toe the line, some of my classmates took great pleasure (in fact, a little too much) in calling me stupid and archaic in mixed company. Forget for a moment whether snowflakes like me have the maturity to deal with insults. What happens if one of those people becomes my boss, and I have a family to support? What happens if one day, they’re the only sort of people who can get a promotion?

We need answers to questions like these. We also need a drastic increase in fertility. The issue with our intellectual appeal is that the intellectuals to whom we appeal don’t have kids! How many educated professionals with three or more children do you know? How many can we convince to be fruitful and multiply while they are of childbearing age? Lots of traditional people have only one or two children for infinite personal reasons. I don’t judge. I’ve neither raised kids nor paid for the privilege. Our economic structure makes large families nearly impossible. But even with evangelism, no kids means no future.

Finally, my generation can’t pick up the slack yet. We don’t have the emotional maturity or the practical skills we need. We need to figure those out on our own, and we’re aging as we do so! And unless the housing market improves and we can get full-time jobs with benefits, it won’t matter.

At this rate, there’s a good shot that some of you won’t have grandchildren. Forget passing on the Faith. As it is, we couldn’t pass on nihilism!

[1] Manliness and virtue were the same word in Latin. How the mighty have fallen.


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