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Churches can use the following instructions in order to make and maintain Facebook pages for their churches. They are no longer the ideal form of social media outreach, but they are better than nothing until we develop our own form of Alternative Christian Media. Even cradle Anglicans will not be able to find you if they cannot search “Anglican [insert name of city]” in Google and find your parish.

Update them at least once a week. Every Saturday afternoon, St. George’s, Las Vegas posts the collect for the following Sunday with public domain pictures and service times, as well as announcing Feast Days and other events. Facebook Ads are made for major events, like Easter and Christmas. Anybody with limited time may copy and paste their Facebook updates to their own pages, and modify the service times if necessary.

Regularly check your social media for messages from inquirers, they will think you are snubbing them. As far as I know, my church has already lost at least one potential parishioner in this way. We aren’t getting him back. I’m not even sure he’s still an Anglican. If that scares you, please stop reading and send this article to every Anglican you know.

If you still can’t use Facebook or some other method of outreach, please contact this blog or join The Second Catholic Revival at Facebook. If you won’t try some form of social media outreach, your church will likely die. I’m sorry. Even if cradle Anglicans live within walking distance of your church, they’ll never find out about it.


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