Service, if it is properly so-called

We, too, have a Job to Do.jpg
“We, too, have a job to do.” Norman Rockwell, 1944. (Image/Wikimedia Commons). I like to call this one, “What America Punishes.”

Just a thought.

In college, we are told that we should have community service on our resumes. Our professors encourage or even mandate it.

So one of two things happens: For 20 hours, students either get involved in some sort of food kitchen because they have to; or they volunteer at a pet shelter (no-kill, of course) and pet the kitties while updating their professors about how hard they are working.

But it’s all okay, because the poor are served, the kitties are petted, and we can put something on our resumes that makes it appear that we care about social justice, or whatever.

You would have to be an idiot to mess that up.

That’s exactly what I did. Rather than do something that made me a good social justice warrior, I was stupid enough to treat service (to the public and to God) as if it were a craft, and spent years as an acolyte and a chorister.

That makes me trash in the job market. It’s no longer on my resume. And remember, if your children and grandchildren even show up to church, they also have less time for extracurriculars that actually belong on their resumes. America is getting more secular, not less.

What are we going to do about this? It’s sure killing me.

I’m still friends with some of my old professors. They expect me to get at least a Master’s Degree because they think I have the mind for it. I’ve given up on that because academia doesn’t want my kind.

How are people, like ourselves, going to get steady jobs? Even secular Millennials are mostly working part time without benefits.


2 thoughts on “Service, if it is properly so-called

  1. Whether you pursue a Master’s Degree, or pursue an occupation that requires mastery in written communication, you may want to keep your proverbial radar on target for grammatical errors, which we all make, from time to time… Grammatical error: “How are people like me going to get steady jobs?” Grammatically corrective options: (1) “How are people, like ourselves, going to get steady jobs?” (2) “How are people, like we are, going to get steady jobs?” (3) How is a person, like myself, going to get a steady job?” or (4) “How is a person, like I am, going to get a steady job?” Otherwise, regarding content, what is the main issue you’re facing –– (1) regret over having not engaged in “community service” activities in college, or (2) concern over America becoming “more secular, not less”? For what it’s worth, I don’t doubt your intelligence, at all, and I sense that we are equally concerned about matters of faith being trivialized, increasingly, by liberal academics. So, whatever issue is most perplexing to you, right now, I’d say that both of your concerns are equally valid –– but, you might want to re-work this piece, for greater clarity. God bless you, on your educational and/or occupational pathway.+


    1. Dear Winston,
      Thank you for watching out for me. The issue you have raised will be corrected. That said, this article was more of a sketch of certain problems than a focused meditation on one of them. The focused meditations are coming shortly. I hope you’ll stay tuned.
      Yours truly,
      The Crier in the Digital Wilderness


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