On Sunday rest

File:Maestro dell'osservanza, sant'antonio a messa dedica la sua vita a dio.jpg
St. Anthony at Mass Dedicates His Life to God. Anonymous, ca. 1440. (Image/Wikimedia Commons)

We Christians often complain that society no longer has room for us, but we also permit society to take that room away.

We are to reject the world, the flesh and the Devil. Yet thus far, we have also refused to fight him when he attacks. The losses from these little skirmishes are adding up, and will make future battles difficult for us.

Sunday rest is one of many ancient practices of the Church that has fallen by the wayside. Like dressing well for church, I think it’s a discipline we should mindfully resurrect.

I’ll be brief because the spiritual benefit of such rest should be obvious, and its theological implications have been addressed by writers with more and better credentials than I.

If we refuse, when possible, to work on Sundays, fewer businesses will force Christians to skip church.

If we refuse to shop and eat out on Sundays, fewer businesses will profit by forcing our fellow Christians to skip church.

By resting on Sundays, we not only take care of our own souls, but the souls of our neighbors. We also remind employers whose minsters they are, so that we may faithfully and obediently honor them.

Rev. Robert Hart has left us with profounder thoughts on the subject here. Please read.

Jim Elliot writes, “I was working on a Sunday at B. Dalton Books (no problems, just went to the evening service) when a man came up to the front desk with a purchase.

While I’m ringing him out, he goes on this long tirade about how it was shameful that the store would be open on a Sunday and we employees should refuse to work on a Sunday and ‘what can be done about it?’

I finished his purchase and calmly said ‘It’s a matter of economics. If people wouldn’t shop on a Sunday, the store wouldn’t make any profit and would consider it a loss to stay open. However, as long as people come in shopping on Sunday, they will stay open. Have a nice day.’

I don’t think he made the connection, bless his little heart.”


2 thoughts on “On Sunday rest

  1. The best way to deal with this is to join the campaign for ALL Sunday (and public holiday) work to be paid at double time rate. That would do several things at once. It would raise the miserly income of some of the most exploited workers in the EU; retail employees, adult care workers, catering staff and certain agricultural workers. By doing this it would save the state and therefore the taxpayer millions in state benefits as it would be the super rich bosses who would lose out. It would mean that quite often the retail stores would close on Sundays for economic reasons. There are many in all political parties who support this as it makes sense and leaves traders to do as they please.

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