From our Facebook group

Dec. 15, 2018 – Hello everyone! I’d like to thank you all for reading my articles, and update you on the future of this discussion group.

First, even though I’m a lazy Millennial, I now have a steady job. Thanks be to God! This has interfered with my writing. You can expect further output from me, but consider the blog to be on semi-hiatus until the end of Epiphany.

Second, I’m getting tired of hearing myself talk! While many of you have been nice enough to read, few have given me their own thoughts (which I’m glad to hear). Among the only consistent commenters was an admin of another discussion group, whom I’ve blocked for his vitriol. This has cut my reach considerably.

The sad part is that he was always complaining about internet trolls!

Third, I’ve asked a few of you to write your own articles the Benedict Option, and how it may be achieved, in terms of affordable church buildings, greater discipleship and the like. Articles may be submitted anonymously or under your own name, and will be made to conform, broadly, to AP Style.

I’d really like your perspectives.

Finally, I’m going to publish an article on Wednesday that will soon be published in a parish newsletter. The speaker interviewed in this article knows his stuff. In fact, he knows his stuff so well that I’ve deleted several of my own articles, because his ministry has made some of my cultural critiques redundant.

If you don’t read anything else, I’d like you to read this.

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