On mental illness

"Snowflake" culture got big during my last semester of university. Like many students, one of the last things I learned in school was that we now need service dogs to cope with exam week. Around the same time, the recent spike in suicide made headlines. Unfortunately, I can confirm that that's going on with college … Continue reading On mental illness

On Alternative Christian Media

Does anybody think that just plain classic movies are worth watching for Christians? We complain about the kitsch of Evangelical entertainment, but haven't produced superior alternatives yet. What if, for the time being, we just rely on stories that were told when Christianity was an unspoken part of the atmosphere? We can rely on them … Continue reading On Alternative Christian Media

On being well-informed

Introduction The Oxford Movement was an intellectual and spiritual movement led by graduates of the University for which it was named. These graduates were later called "Tractarians" because of the essays they wrote in support of old customs such as public recitation of the Daily Office. But the Tractarians were also parish clergy who put … Continue reading On being well-informed