On Christian adulthood

"Childish adults are the most dangerous thing in the world... Adults treated like children are the saddest."

Merrily on High (2)

"Whenever we had a big pilgrimage [to the Shrine of our Lady] I usually got a crop of abusive letters, one half complaining that too much of the Prayer Book had been used, and the other half enraged that the Mass had not been Prayer Book enough... Anglo-Catholics could display the same kind of intolerance … Continue reading Merrily on High (2)

Anglo-Catholic of the Week: Reverend John Wesley

Note: I've wanted to write about Rev. Wesley for some time, because I think that his method of evangelism and discipleship will be important to us in the near future. Unfortunately, his life experience was too diverse to compress into just one article, and I wonder if I have emphasized the appropriate points. If any … Continue reading Anglo-Catholic of the Week: Reverend John Wesley

On marriage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTIpt65Ns24 In Christian marriage, husband and wife become one flesh for the purpose of mutual joy, comfort and procreation. Marriages are also practical arrangements. Until relatively recently, they were usually contracted for economic reasons (ever heard of a dowry?) that look cynical to modern Westerners. Yet it's modern marriages for romantic love that are most … Continue reading On marriage