Anglican Media

There has been some talk about what sort of media we should surround our families with (and produce) if we want to make our households into domestic monasteries. The following isn't entirely kid-friendly or even explicitly devotional (nor is it high-def; you might want to get the DVD), but it is a Christian classic. With … Continue reading Anglican Media


Tin tabernacles

As England industrialized in the 19th century, there came to be a massive demand for church buildings in communities that, until recently, hadn't existed. For that reason, churches made of corrugated metal became wildly popular in some places. If funds allowed, they could be replaced with traditional buildings. Some of the aesthetes, artists and intellectuals … Continue reading Tin tabernacles

Pope St. Gregory the Great: Cincinnatus of the Church

When evaluating the lives of the Saints, I have had the tendency to see them as perfect, almost as though they had neither thoughts nor feelings. I spent so much time comparing myself to them that I forgot to do the things that would make me resemble them more! And yet the saints were real … Continue reading Pope St. Gregory the Great: Cincinnatus of the Church