The Second Catholic Revival Series

Personal statement
Our strengths and our faults
Mass culture and the Millennials
Who we are: The Anglican ethos
Who they are: Our mission field
Men and women
On marriage
A further example

The following are resources that, if given careful attention, can provide practical ideas for the Anglican ressourcement project, or are examples of its triumph. If you are new to the Anglican tradition or wish to learn what it is like, please find the Facebook group “The Second Catholic Revival.”

Anglican Parishes Association – Anglican books.
Cradle of Prayer – Readings from the US 1928 BCP.
iPray BCP – The 1662 BCP for your iPhone!
Daily Prayer – May be used to print handouts of the 1662 BCP prayer services.
Full Homely Divinity – What it says on the tin. Ideas for the domestic monastery. If you’re a “lone ranger” Anglican who can’t get to a parish, this is the source for making your home life more Anglican until better options come along.


The Idea of a Mission Community – The final word on the subject.