On Sunday rest

We Christians often complain that society no longer has room for us, but we also permit society to take that room away. We are to reject the world, the flesh and the Devil. Yet thus far, we have also refused to fight him when he attacks. The losses from these little skirmishes are adding up, … Continue reading On Sunday rest

On being well-informed

Introduction The Oxford Movement was an intellectual and spiritual movement led by graduates of the University for which it was named. These graduates were later called "Tractarians" because of the essays they wrote in support of old customs such as public recitation of the Daily Office. But the Tractarians were also parish clergy who put … Continue reading On being well-informed

Distinction: Another satire (but again, not really)

In the past, as I have noted, a favorite Anglo-Catholic hobby was to provoke Protestant authorities by worshipping in a catholic manner. Having no Protestant authorities to provoke, and thereby defend the Catholic Faith, I've needed someone else to oppose. Living in a secular world, I decided to provoke a secular authority according to a … Continue reading Distinction: Another satire (but again, not really)

Service, if it is properly so-called

Just a thought. In college, we are told that we should have community service on our resumes. Our professors encourage or even mandate it. So one of two things happens: For 20 hours, students either get involved in some sort of food kitchen because they have to; or they volunteer at a pet shelter (no-kill, … Continue reading Service, if it is properly so-called

Tin tabernacles

As England industrialized in the 19th century, there came to be a massive demand for church buildings in communities that, until recently, hadn't existed. For that reason, churches made of corrugated metal became wildly popular in some places. If funds allowed, they could be replaced with traditional buildings. Some of the aesthetes, artists and intellectuals … Continue reading Tin tabernacles